Where to Place Your Candles

Where to Place Your Candles

The Best Scents for Different Rooms in The Home

The only thing we love more than making candles is burning them. They are the perfect way of creating a wonderful ambience in any room within your home and the smell can be pretty great too! 

Scented Candles are a brilliant way to add a little something extra to your home without having to spend huge sums of money. Simply light up a candle and unwind as the heavenly aroma drifts throughout your home. You can set a mood so easily using one; did you know, that they will have different effects depending on where you choose to place them and which scent you have choosen. We have created this quick guide to help you get the most from your different scents.

Bedroom Candles

This is the place to put your gorgeous scented candles. Candles in the bedroom can make a huge difference to your nights sleep (just remember to extinguish prior to sleeping, or alternatively invest in a Reed Diffuser or an alternative flameless method of scenting your room). If all you want to do is chill out and relax in the evening prior to drifting off to sleep, we would recommend trying some of the following scents;
Lavender - Long thought to be a calming fragrance, this plant has been used to quell anxiety and agitation for ages. Its scent may slow down the nercous system, which relaxes the body and mind to improve sleep quality.
Vanilla - This fragrance is famous for being a potent relaxer. In fact, people who smelled vanilla while completing a stress test had more stable hearty rates and better blood pressure readings than those who took the stress test in an unscented room.
Jasmine - With delicate white petals, this flower's sweet smell packs a surprising punch. It has been proven that people who inhaled the Jasmine scent whilst sleeping experienced a greater sleep efficiency, with less movement during slumber, and overall better quality sleep. (we would recommend trying to avoid Jasmine if you are pregnant)
Rose - Considered to be a natural aphrodisiac, and in addition to being super relaxing, it's said to enhance your libido too. In fact, rose is often considered to be the scent 'of love'.

These are only a few of the most common scents that are often associated with helping to cause reduced stress and increased relaxation.

Bathroom Candles

When it comes to the bathroom, there is of course one obvious use. The nice scents of a candle can quickly overpower any less than nice scents. As usual with candles and other scented products, this isn't the only use! How about lighting up a Saffron Scented Candle? Saffron's soothing aroma is known in aromatherapy for helping to fight depression and anxiety. Again it also promotes good sleep and aids in the treatment of insomnia. Why not climb into a beautifully bubbly bath and let the aroma whisk away all your aches and pains, stresses and worries.
Other Common scents used in the bathroom include Fresh and Citrus based scents such as; LinenLemonOcean and Orange.

Kitchen Candles

Ok, so you might be thinking that candles in the kitchen are a bad idea after all, you’ve got all those lovely food smells emanating from the pots and pans on the stove already, right? However, sometimes the food smell can be overpowering: lots of garlic or cabbage, for example, can create some interesting whiffs, to say the least. Use a nicely-scented candle to counteract those pongs!

If not, you could always choose scents like fresh-baked bread to create a really homely, welcoming atmosphere it makes the perfect aroma to come home to! Other alternative scents that we have found particularly popular with our customer's include;
Coffee - Studies have found that just the smell of Coffee can help to increase brain activity and also have a calming effect on stress whilst potentially providing an antioxidant effect.
Apple - A lovely Fresh Citrus Floral Scent, Did you know, that apprently the scent of Apples may help to control blood pressure, lessen migraine pain and that the smell of Apples when you are hungry can help to curb the appetite.

Hopefully these hints will inspire you to incorporate more scented candles into your home. There are plenty of other ways in which you can use them to change the mood of a room; try different scents and experiment with them to find your favorite results! And remember that these are only a small handful of the potential scents.

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