Green Ingredients

Our natural wax which we use in all our candles is a blend of rapeseed and beeswax which are completely healthy and toxin free. The wax is sustainable, biodegradable and burns longer and brighter than other waxes. The wax itself is derived from ethically sourced British and Irish farms and Beekeepers helping to support small local farms and businesses which in turn take better care of their local environment and help to sustain biodiversity.

Our reed diffuser base is also natural and is made from renewable resources. We try to source as many of our materials as possible from local green suppliers to limit our effect on the environment.

A little bit more

There is always more that can be done both locally and globally which is why not only are we reducing the amount of plastic and other non-recycable materials being used, we have also partnered with Ecologi, with a portion of profits from all sales of our Handmade Irish Candles going to help with global efforts to fight climate change and offsetting our carbon footprint!